04/6/2016 - Emerald style: Orange Emus’ British and Irish connection bring new streak to Greens

MEET Orange Emus’ British and Irish connection, Englishman Todd Freedman and Emerald Isle natives Eoin Scullion, Steve Murphy and Marty Bryan.

Freedman linked with Emus after an injury plagued men’s Premier League Hockey season in 2015 and slotted into the club’s Blowes Clothing Cup team with relative ease, playing five-eighth in his side’s unbeaten start to 2016.

Scullion, Murphy and Bryan ditched their love of Guinness, potatoes and leprechauns to move to Australia in the last couple of years before joining Emus this winter, adding a distinctly Celtic flavour to the greens’ second XV.

“I came to Orange for work, met (assistant coach) Andrew Logan and he told me what the club was about,” Scullion explained.

“Steve and I played for Forbes Platypi before we came here and playing against Emus, I thought it’d be a good place to play. I was right, I love it.”

“I came to Australia … in 2013, got a job in Forbes and then got one here,” Murphy, known as ‘Handsome Steve’ to his clubmates, said.

“Loges spoke to me as well, all the boys at Emus are great, the banter’s good too.”

“The banter’s universal, the same craic,” Bryan laughed.

“Steve and I went to school together back home … I’d been in Dubai for a few years and then came out here.”

Freedman will don No.10 in the greens’ top grade on Saturday while Murphy and Bryan will play hooker and outside centre, respectively, in reserves, against the Cowra Eagles.

Scullion, a halfback, remains sidelined with a rib cartilage problem. He’s expected to return in round 11 against Dubbo Kangaroos.

Emus’ top grade side wants to maintain the rage after a gritty victory over Forbes last week in a bid to hold momentum over their two week break, which follows this weekend’s clash.

“We’ve spoken about keeping our foot on the pedal,” Freedman said.

“From last week, ball retention is important as is starting with the right level of intensity and maintaining that throughout the game.”

Logan said the quartet have fitted in seamlessly, in every aspect of the club.

“The Irish boys bring that great energy [on and off the field] and Todd gives us a nice sense of British order and stoicism to offset that larrikin Irish streak,” he said.

“You know, a serious cup of tea before the game then a few loose Jamesons at the after match, that sort of thing.

“It’s great to have such diversity … we’re lucky to have these guys at the club.”

Emus lock horns with the fifth placed Eagles from 3.15pm in the top grade after reserves at 1.55pm, at Endeavour Oval.

ORANGE EMUS: 1 Steve Fergus, 2 Tom Goolagong, 3 Nas Havealeta, 4 Sam McLean, 5 Nick Hughes-Clapp, 6 Andrew Cosgrove, 7 Simon Badgery, 8 Scott McLean, 9 Sam Green, 10 Todd Freedman, 11 Tom Green, 12 Zac White, 13 Nigel Staniforth, 14 Lachie Harris, 15 AJ Sykes; Interchange: 16 Mitch Lockley


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