Gym Opening Times

Hello players,

Here is some information about being able to use the Emus Gym.

The gym will be open during the following times.

Monday Evening 5.30-7.00

Tuesday Morning 5.30 -7.00

Wednesday Evening 5.00 – 7.00

Thursday Evening 6.00- 7.30

Friday Evening 5.30 -7.00

On Monday the gym will be attended by Nick Hughes-Clapp who is happy to share some expertise and give support.

Join Keith Howarth on Tuesday mornings for a heavy duty hit out.

Graydon will be holding light fitness sessions on Thursday evenings from 6 – 7.

Both Jeremy Wallace and Paul Ringland will be opening the gym during the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday time slots above. These men will be placing a program to be completed on these days on the whiteboard and will be available for any player wishing to find out some information about what they should doing in the gym and in the off season in general.

All players are welcomed to undertake weight programs provided and can use the gym with the times that suits best. Players are lucky as they will have access to either Trainers, Coaches or top grade players to help them out.

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