07/8/2014 - Logan and Gray take training lessons from time with the Wallabies

“EVERYTHING is always evolving in the rugby world, it was interesting to see the different techniques being coached now.”

Orange City coach Mick Gray said it wasn’t just players who furthered their abilities in his side’s joint training sessions with Orange Emus on Tuesday, watched over by several Wallabies, at Endeavour Oval.

The Lions and Emus were critiqued by Wallabies’ second rower Sam Carter, flanker Scott Fardy, hooker Nathan Charles and five-eighth Matt Toomua, along with a number of coaching and support staff.

“In terms of education, us coaches learned plenty as well,” Gray said.

“As a coach you can get stuck doing the same old, same old type drills a lot of the time, so it was a good experience.

“As a team we spent time with (Wallabies set piece coach) Andrew Blades and did some work on scrummaging, like foot placement and grips.

“The guys certainly thought it was worthwhile.”

Emus’ mentor Andrew Logan agreed, and said the work Fardy did with his side’s lineout was invaluable.

Logan also said the Wallabies’ open training session at Kinross on Tuesday afternoon was an eye-opener.

“It’s always terrific to have that kind of thing happen, we always welcome new people with new ideas,” Logan explained.

“We learn plenty as coaches as well from those kind of things, the Wallabies’ scrum training (at Kinross) was certainly interesting.

“You look at things like shape, and technique and just different ways to train your side. Most set piece training is quite traditional, and it’s always good to see new, different ways to do those types of things.

“Little things, like running as units rather than just having eight guys hit a machine. We need to do more of that kind of thing.”

taken from http://www.centralwesterndaily.com.au/story/2468464/logan-and-gray-take-training-lessons-from-time-with-the-wallabies/?cs=104

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