06/9/2014 - Orange Emus captain Nigel Staniforth kicks match-winning penalty goal against Orange City Lions

NIGEL Staniforth has a new nickname – the Ice Man.

A day after completing the Ice Bucket Challenge, Staniforth proved he has ice in his veins as he kicked the winning penalty on full-time in Orange Emus’ Blowes Clothing Cup preliminary final against Orange City.

The Emus captain said he knew how important the kick was with his team trailing 19-18.

“I needed to. I thought, personally, I didn’t have the best game, so I thought I had to nail it,” he said simply.

“I went back and kicked it, I didn’t think about it too much. I’ve been kicking for a while so you’ve just got to take your opportunities and just have a crack.”

The sound from the crowd as Staniforth lined up his kick was almost deafening, but the Ice Man didn’t hear it.

“Not really. When you do hear it, it kind of motivates you more, just to really focus and to hit the ball in the right spot,” he smiled.

And as if the pressure of trying to convert the winning kick in front of a deafening crowd wasn’t enough, Staniforth was lining it up after he’d just copped a high tackle which had resulted in his contact lenses falling out.

Still, when his boot made contact with the ball he felt pretty confident he’d just kicked his team into the grand final.

“Yeah, I kind of thought so. But then I thought, because my contacts fell out, I thought it might have fallen a bit short, so I was squinting. But everyone was cheering,” he explained.

The outside centre said his team put in a solid performance in the opening 40 minutes but slowed in the second period.

“First half we played exactly how we wanted to play and that’s how we’ve got to keep playing,” Staniforth said.

“Second half, we kind of shut up shop. To City’s credit, they played really well, but we’re in the grand final and we’ve been working really, really hard this year to get there. So a just reward. It came that close at the end and now we get to play Dubbo.”

taken from http://www.centralwesterndaily.com.au/story/2541368/ice-man-on-and-off-the-field-emus-skippers-nerves-of-steel-videos/?cs=104

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