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Harry’s tip of the week:

Do you get calf pain? or shin pain for that matter???
During the game against Forbes 10 days ago, superstar halfback Seb Backhouse went to the ground with what was originally thought to be a ruptured gastrochnaemius. To his coaches great relief, no rupture is evident, and instead the issue has been attributed to a massive cald spasm with some associated bleeding. However, it did make us think what pain in the shins or calf muscles could be if it isn’t a straight calf strain.
One such condition is known as compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome occurs when the muscles within the calf swell to a point where they begin to become constricted by the overlying fascia and skin. In such a case, aching and pain is felt through the region due to a lack of oxygen being made available to the calf muscles.
Think of it like pouring people into the club house at emus. With say 150 people, there is enough oxygen (in this case beer) to go around. However the more people you pour into the building, the more and more cramped everyone gets, and the decrease in beer per person available. Thus, the pain.
If this sounds like this could be you, let me know. Have a good weekend off!!

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As part of Orange Physiotherapys commitment to the health and welfare of Orange Emus, all Emus player will be seen for free if they have sustained an acute injury on the weekend whilst representing the mighty green army.

The sports clinic consultations occur every Monday afternoon from 4 – 6pm, and will involve approximately 15 seconds consultation by Harry Fardell (Physiotherapist), as well as approximately 15 minutes of treatment if required by our physio aides.

Please phone (02) 6363 1031 for more details.

1/66 McNamara Street, Orange, NSW 2800

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