19/11/2014 - Pre Pre Season Meeting

A message from Emus First Grade Coach Graydon Staniforth.

Weight programs will be put up at Emus gym. Next wednesday there will be a brief meeting at 6.30 regarding EDS or any players wanting to just use the gym. Also, if there is enough players interested, we will organise a 1 hour running/field session once a week up until Christmas. Gym will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Admin: This will be a pre pre season much like EDS. It is not essential but if you have been doing nothing but “RECOVERY” since the season ended, or you are looking to get back into it for one more year, then this is perfect for you. Looks like you will have not one but two skilled trainers, including a coach, running you so yet again another great opportunity.

I hope to see all at Emus next Wednesday.

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