The Orange Emus Rugby Union Club seniors are a proud group of men and women who represent various grades in the Blowes Menswear competition in the central west.

The on field strip of the senior player is a predominantly bottle green jersey that changes design based on style or special events or anniversary years. Shorts are black and socks are bottle green with white stripes in various locations.

The club competes with the following:

* First Grade

* Second Grade

* Third Grade

* Colts

* Women’s (chicks) Rugby

Our first grade has had a successful history from its beginning all the way up to current years with a very successful period in the early 2000’s.

Emus are always recruiting and the easiest ways to get involved and be aware of what is going on is to either turn up to training (when rugby season is underway), to contact us on this website, or to follow the official facebook site which is updated regularly.

Current training times for seniors are tuesday and thursday evenings at 6.30 sharp start.

We hope to see you following the green men in 2013 or running on for us.

Go Emus.


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